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Design Under Sky discusses landscape architecture, the utilitarian but leaning towards the conceptual, thinking on modern occurrences and peripheral boundaries.  

DUS is the blog and personal design studio of Adam E. Anderson, a designer based out of the East Coast, currently a Critic at the Rhode Island School of Design, and a designer at Landworks Studio.

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On Asphalt I

On Asphalt is an initiative created by Paula Meijerink, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and founding principle of W-A-N-T-E-D, a design studio in the Boston Area.

The project aims to change the perception of asphalt, which surrounds us in our everyday lives, as something which can be more then simply a utilitarian use.  From their site:

The asphalt landscape is the most public of all landscapes, at the same time the most undervalued.  Asphalt is one of the most liberating inventions that shaped the 20th century world.  It allows us to fly and drive everywhere we desire - making the entire world accessible to us.  Our association with asphalt occurs on a daily basis; our streets are paved with it, we park our car on it.  Asphalt is everywhere around us.  Yet asphalt is for most of us a hated material.  Public spaces such as parks and plazas are often seen as belonging to the traditional realm of landscape architecture.  However, parking lots and roads are perhaps the most public spaces of all, as we use these spaces on a daily basis.  But as a landscape space, they are often only serving the utilitarian function of accommodating the car, which it does excellently.

More to come on the projects up and coming initiatives.  Until then enjoy the "CARtoons" from freelance cartoonist and illustrator Andy Singer. Inspired by several bad encounters with asphalt, he created a book of cartoons and essays depicting negative impacts on our culture and environment by our auto-obsessed society.  

Reader Comments (1)

Asphalt has been sneaking its way into the tabloids the past couple of days. It seems the recent shortage of crude oil (or speculation of depending on which talking head you listen to)..has seen a real shortage of the black top ingredients. The refiners are restructuring to produce more profitable materials like diesel and gasoline from lower grade crude oil that would normally be used to make asphalt resulting in a shortage and higher prices. If that continues it would be interesting to see if a pricing tipping point would be met changing materials for parking lots/roads etc since its use is largely due cheaper cost..and maybe get a few social cool points since more expensive things are more exclusive...,8599,1857832,00.html

also I have great nostalgia for asphalt as a kid..when the local bank repaved the parking lot it was the equivalent of a new playground...more opportunity for skidding out your bike..and smoother skateboarding I think of is monster trucks, malls with too much stone veneer, and a consistent cycle of orange cones..maybe we should bring it to interior flooring to better its image..or maybe I should skid out on my bike more.
November 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGustav

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